Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Our policy based on “QUALITY” has been always rewarded and allowed us to grow continuously, getting appreciation in Italy and abroad, where our brand has a growing presence.

SOFANGEL: a brand that is synonym of future and innovation. A company built on sacrifice and dedication to the job, with a production philosophy based on craftsmanship, and directed through stylistic and quality solutions that make the product a service, giving the company a unchanging success over the years.

Research and Development:

Through the implementation of the “Research and Development” Office the company performs analysis and investments on market researches, study and launch of new items in leather and fabric, adoption of new production technologies.
Currently the company operates in a plant of about 3.000 sqm, carrying here the whole production cycle, from the design to the finished product through the study and production of the stem and the padding in varied densities.
The internal structures of the sofas are made with fine wood. The materials used are beech, fir, plywood and MDF. The spring system is given by crossed elastic belts, specifically designed for the task.
The padding can be in polyurethane foam of various densities, polyester fibre flock or natural goose or duck feathers. The polyurethane is manufactured from foam blocks or cold foamed in special molds. In both cases it is environmentally friendly inert material, non-toxic, produced without any use of chlorofluorocarbons, therefore not harmful to the ozone, and entirely recyclable.
If required by specific national laws, a proper polyurethane can be used. The goose or duck feathers are the most valuable, elastic, hypoallergenic and with minimum flammability. The polyester fibre flock, totally hypoallergenic, used on some models for the backrests and armrests, make our sofas soft and comfortable, assuring softness to the whole.


Our company uses only genuine leather, guarantee of natural beauty. The leather is tanned in order to protect all of its features: wrinkles, stretch marks, veining, differences in grain and colour, insect bites and scars of their lifetime. At the end of the manufacturing process each leather layer shows unique and inimitable signs, real guarantors of naturalness.
The result is a high quality leather, designed to provide the right solutions for every need and lifestyle. The leather can undergo various types of finishing, depending on the type of sofa to be manufactured.

For a full cleaning it is recommended to consult specialized laboratories and to note that we refuse any claims for negative results due to washing processes that are not suitable to your leather type. In any case below are some useful tips on how to intervene in cleaning a leather lounge.
One of the virtues of the genuine leather is the simple maintenance; it just needs few precautions to keep its natural beauty. The leather, especially the non-sanded, must be kept away from sources of continuous light and heat; during rainy and wet days it is better to ventilate the room in which the sofa is in order to promote a good leather perspiration.


To cover our sofas we use natural fabric and nonwoven. Natural fabric is the best expression of a very good quality and a “Made in Italy” style, both coming from the plant world (i.e. cotton, linen, hemp, jute) and the animal (wool and silk).
The wide range of non-woven includes microfibers, high quality materials regarding both the tactile-aesthetic look and the comfort and their various technological properties.
They do not crease and possess high resistance to rubbing, to ultraviolet and infrared rays; all these features ensure great fit and high adaptability to any shape and design of the sofa.
The selected fabric is previously subjected to specific laboratory tests that certify the resistances of colour and textile materials to the various alteration agents such as light, water, domestic washing, solvents.