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Sofangel uses only genuine leather of European and non-European origin, a guarantee of natural beauty. The leather is tanned in order to safeguard all its characteristics: wrinkles, stretch marks, veins, differences in grain and colour, insect bites and scars typical of the animal’s life. Each layer of leather, at the end of the manufacturing process, presents unique and inimitable signs, true guarantors of naturalness.

Therefore, precious leathers are obtained, aimed at offering the right solutions for every need and lifestyle The leather can undergo various types of finishing according to the type of sofa and armchair being made.
To discover all the types of leather sofas and armchairs available in our catalogue, visit Sofangel’s showroom in Contrada Manferrara Piscatore in Pomarico, in the province of Matera.

Stain removal

For radical cleaning, we suggest consulting specialised laboratories. Remember, Sofangel is not responsible for negative results due to washing processes not suitable for the type of leather. In any case, our clients can consult the following useful tips on how to intervene in cleaning a leather sofa, armchair or accessory.


One of the advantages of genuine leather is its simple maintenance. In fact, it is sufficient to adopt a few precautions to preserve its natural beauty over time. Leather, especially non-buffed leather, should be kept away from continuous sources of light and heat. During rainy and humid days, it is preferable to ventilate the room in which the sofa is kept to promote good leather transpiration.

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